Accreditation – MAS-JKK

142700Technique of Academic Writing
140001Philosophy of Literature
140002Intercultural Communication
140003Language and Cognition
140004Cultural History of India
140005Introduction to the culture of the internet
140801Review of literary theory: narratology
140802Heritage Own rooms – the notion of gender and the study of literature
140803Genre and gender – female educational novel
140804Literature and Film: Transformation of Discourse
140805Methodology of literary criticism: application of literary historiographic methods in German national historiography
140806Shakespeare and postmodern culture
140807Interpretative theories in teaching
140808Ronal Bart: text and criticism
140809Game interpretation – ways of comparative hermeneutics
140901Russian Language Aquisition – Classroom Observation and Teaching Practice
140902Myth and Literature
140903Russian Linguistics
140904Russian Language Aquisition
140905Metholodogy of Linguistic Research
140906General Theory of Slavic Languages Aquisition
140907Russian litterature for children
140908Russian linguoculturology − theory and usage in teaching
140908Russian Futurism
1409502The methodology of teaching literature for children
1409504Methodology of teaching Russian culture
1409507Folklore genres in the teaching process
1409508The Role of Textbooks in Russian Language Teaching
1409509Russian literature in teaching process
141001The Polish-Serbian Literary Connections
141101Fiction, fantasy and magic in contemporary Czech literature
141102Czech literature in the context of other Slavic literatures
141103Evolution of the Czech language and the science of language
141201Postmodernism in Slovak literature
141301CLIL and Foreign Language Learning
141302History of culture institutions in Italy
141303History of Italian theater
141304Italian film and literature
141305Italian Language for Specific Purposes
141306Linguistics and lexicography – Italian
141307Linguistics and Translation – Italian
141308Luigi Pirandello
141309Teaching Practice – Italian Language
141310Translation workshop – Italian
141311Special Topics in Applied Linguistics: Italian Language Teaching
141312Topics in Applied Linguistics: Italian Language Teaching
141313Theory and critics in Italian Literature
141314Motifs and topoi in Italian Literature
141315The Italian and Spanish cultural institutions in comparative perspective
141401Lexical semantics of french language
141402Linguistic theories of text
141403Didactics of french foreign and second language
141404Time and space in french language
141405Special course in french literature
141406Special course in francophone literature
141407Special course in french language grammar
141408Class observation
1415501Academic Writing in Spanish
1415502Experimental Novel in the 20th Century Spanish American Literature
1415503Ibero-Romance Sociolinguistics
1415504Language and Gender
1415505Critical Discourse Analysis
1415506Qualitative Research in Linguistics
1415507Editing and Proofreading of Spanish Texts
1415508Modernism in Spanish American Literature
1415509Violence in Spanish American Novel
1415510Special Topics in Applied Linguistics
1415511Special Topics in Sociolinguistics
1415512Translation Studies
1415513Woman in the Literature of Spanish Realism
1415514Special Course in Pragmatics
141601Interpretation of Romanian literature in diaspora
141602Romanian Literature in Vojvodina (Serbia)
141603Romanian Culture
141604The Stylistics of Romanian language
141701Grammatical sociolinguistics
141702Intercultural glottodidactics
141703Historical Phraseology of the German Language
141704Conference translation for germanists
141705Contrastive grammar German and Serbian language
141706German minority literature
141801Lexicology – special course
141802Sociolinguistics – a special course
141803Translatology – special course
141901English acoustic phonetics
141902English and French Medieval Arturian Literature
141903Interculturalism in modern Britain
141904Irish drama of the twentieth century in English
141905Irish prose of the twentieth century in English
141906Canadian postmodern fiction
141907Literary Directions and Theories in English Literature of the 20th Century
141908Countercultural Trends in British and American Popular Music of the Sixteen Years of the HH Century
141909Contrastive Linguistics
141910Teaching English Language and Culture
141911Specialist translation
141912Stylistics of non-poetic discourse
141914Introduction to Consecutive Translation
142001Arabic lexicography
142002European Colonialism and the Arabic World
142003Islamic philosophy
142004History of the Arabic Language
142005Non-Arabic Islam
142006Contemporary literature of the Maghreb 3
142101Cultural History of Turkey
142102Movement of language purges in Turkish
142103Ottoman Words in Contemporary Turkish
142104Ottoman Heritage on the Territory of Serbia
142105Postmodern Turkish Literature
142106Traditional and Contemporary Turkish Art
142107Turks in Serbian
142301History and Development of the Japanese state and legal system
142302Japanese Society and Culture in the Process of Modernization
142303Education and the knowledge economy in the transformation of Japanese civilization
142304West and Japanese literature
142305Ethics and aesthetics in the prose of Yasunari Kawabata
142306Introduction to the study of Japanese language
142307Japanese studies
142308Myth and tradition in Japanese ancient literature
142310Review of Japanese Literature
142311Zen Buddhism and Japanese culture
142312Methodology of Japanese langauge teaching
142313Sociolinguistic analysis of Japanese and Serbian languages
142401Buddhism in China
142402Historical overview of the development of Chinese language grammar
142403Chinese Modernisms
142404Morphology and Lexicology of Chinese language
142405Landscape in Classical Chinese Poetry
142406Serbians’ travelogues about China
142407Contemporary Chinese fiction
142408Chinese drama of the 20th century
142601Current Trends in Linguistic Research
142602Discourse public communication
142603Qualitative Research in Linguistics
142604Quantitative Methods in Linguistic Research
142605Contemporary Phonological Theories
142606Contemporary Morphological Theories
142607Contemporary Semantic Theories
142608Contemporary Syntactic Theory
142703Libraries in Teaching
142704Documentation Science
142705Electronic Publishing and Digital Libraries
142706Information and Media Literacy in Science
142707Information and Media Literacy in the School Library
142708Comparative Studies of Modern Librarianship
142709National Libraries
142711Advanced Information Retrieval Methods
142712Scientific information
142713Web Content Design and Management
142714Standards in Librarianship and Publishing
142715Methodical Practice – Demonstration Classes
142801Contemporary History of South Eastern Europe
142802Methodology of teaching Modern Greek Language
142803Poetic of crime novel
142804Application of Rhetoric in foreign language teaching
142805Reception of Greek literature in Serbia
142901Heritage Own rooms – the notion of gender and the study of literature
142902Genre and gender – female educational novel
143001Literature and Film: Transformation of Discourse
143701Methodology of Literature Science: Application of literary and historical methods (on the case of German national literary historiography)
143702Shakespeare and postmodern culture
143802Text Linguistics for ukrainian studies