Undergraduate Studies

1408602General Literature I
1408604General Literature II
1408606General Literature III
1408001Introduction to Literary Theory 1
1408002Introduction to Literary Theory 2
1408011General Literary History 1
1408012General Literary History 2
1408013General Literary History 3
1408014General Literary History 4
1408015General Literary History 5
1408016General Literary History 6
1408017General Literary History 7
1408018General Literary History 8
1408021Basic Terms of Literary Theory 1
1408022Basic Terms of Literary Theory 2
1408023Basic Terms of Literary Theory 3
1408024Basic Terms of Literary Theory 4
1408025Literary Theories of German Pre-romanticism and Romanticism
1408026Literary Theories from Romanticism to Naturalism
1408027Contemporary Literary Theory 1
1408028Contemporary Literary Theory 2
1408031General Literary History – Practicum 1
1408032General Literary History – Practicum 2
1408033General Literary History – Practicum 3
1408034General Literary History – Practicum 4
1408035General Literary History – Practicum 5
1408036General Literary History – Practicum 6
1408037General Literary History – Practicum 7
1408038General Literary History – Practicum 8
1408041Hellenic and Roman Poetics 1
1408042Hellenic and Roman Poetics 2
1408043Aesthetics 1
1408044Aesthetics 2
1408045Aesthetics 3
1408046Aesthetics 4
1408201Classical Drama 1
1408202Classical Drama 2
1408203Literature of European Baroque
1408204Autobiographical Discourse of Montaigne and Rousseau
1408205Aspects of Dostoyevsky’s Novels 1
1408206Aspects of Dostoyevsky’s Novels 2
1408208Franz Kafka’s Fiction
1408211Tragic Hero
1408212Literary Canon in Teaching
1408213Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama in Europe 1: History Plays and Comedies
1408214Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama in Europe 2: Tragedies and Late Plays
1408215Goethe’s Faust and Romanticism
1408216Goethe’s Wilhelm Meister and Romanticism
1408217Symbolism in French Poetry 1
1408218Symbolism in French Poetry 2
1408221Hellenic and Roman Lyrical Poetry
1408223Dante 1
1408224Dante 2
1408225European Novel in 19th Century and Contemporary Narratology 1
1408226European Novel in 19th Century and Contemporary Narratology 2
1408227Anglo-American Theory of Fiction
1408228Anglo-American Fiction of the 20th Century
1408231Verse and Style in Teaching
1408232Biblical Literature: Biblical Prehistory and Moses’ Pentateuch
1408233Novel in the 19th Century in Teaching 1
1408234Novel in the 19th Century in Teaching 2
1408235Poetry of English Romanticism 1
1408236Poetry of English Romanticism 2
1408237The Theatre of the Absurd
1408241Homer’s Epics
1408242Ovid’s Poetry and Poetics
1408243Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature 1
1408244Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature 2
1408245Hugo and Romanticism in Teaching
1408246English Realism: Dickens, Thackeray, George Eliot
1408247Poetry of Avant-garde Movements
1408248Terminology of Literary Theory and Research in Cultures
1408252Vergil’s Poetry and Poetics
1408254Metaphysics of Love: Lyrical Poetry and Philosophy of Love in European Medieval and Renaissance Literature
1408255Stendhal and Balzac 1
1408256Stendhal and Balzac 2
1408257Poetry on the Edge: Contemporary Readings of T.S. Eliot and E. Pound
1408258Modern Poetry
1408265Flaubert and The Art of the Novel: Madame Bovary and Salammbo
1408266Flober and the art of the novel: Sentimental Upbringing and Buvar and Baking
1408267Postmodernist Short Story
1408268Postmodernist Prose
1408275Genre Theories 1
1408276Genre Theories 2
1408277Modern Drama Discourse
1408278Centre and Margin: Contemporary Readings of Poetry and Narratives
1408285Pre-romanticism, Romanticism and Founding the Literary Studies
1408286Romanticism and Realism – Challenging the Borders
1408287Postmodernism and the Theory of the Possible Worlds
1408296Hermeneutics in Teaching: Interpretation of Hoelderlin’s Christological Hymns
1408297Proust 1
1408298Proust 2
1408305Narrative Works of Russian Romanticism
1408308Temporality in 19th and 20th Centuries’ Drama
1408315Prose of the Period of Romanticism
1408318Opposed Models of Intertextuality
1408562Litterary Theory

M.A. Studies

140801Survey of Literary Theories: Narratology
140802Heritage of A Room of One’s Own – Gender and Criticism
140803Genre and Gender– Female Bildungsroman
140804Literature and Film: Metamorphosis of a Discourse
140805Methodology of Literary Theory: Application of Literary History Methods (On the Example of German National Literary Historiography)
140806Shakespeare and Postmodern Culture
140807Theories of Interpretation in Teaching
140808Roland Barthes: Text and Criticism
140809Interplay of Interpretations – The Ways of Comparative Hermeneutics

Ph.D. Studies