Undergraduate Studies

1408602General Literature I
1408604General Literature II
1408606General Literature III
1408001Introduction to Literary Theory 1
1408002Introduction to Literary Theory 2
1408011General Literary History 1
1408012General Literary History 2
1408013General Literary History 3
1408014General Literary History 4
1408015General Literary History 5
1408016General Literary History 6
1408017General Literary History 7
1408018General Literary History 8
1408021Basic Terms of Literary Theory 1
1408022Basic Terms of Literary Theory 2
1408023Basic Terms of Literary Theory 3
1408024Basic Terms of Literary Theory 4
1408025Literary Theories of German Pre-romanticism and Romanticism
1408026Literary Theories from Romanticism to Naturalism
1408027Contemporary Literary Theory 1
1408028Contemporary Literary Theory 2
1408031General Literary History – Practicum 1
1408032General Literary History – Practicum 2
1408033General Literary History – Practicum 3
1408034General Literary History – Practicum 4
1408035General Literary History – Practicum 5
1408036General Literary History – Practicum 6
1408037General Literary History – Practicum 7
1408038General Literary History – Practicum 8
1408041Hellenic and Roman Poetics 1
1408042Hellenic and Roman Poetics 2
1408043Aesthetics 1
1408044Aesthetics 2
1408045Aesthetics 3
1408046Aesthetics 4
1408201Classical Drama 1
1408202Classical Drama 2
1408203Literature of European Baroque
1408204Autobiographical Discourse of Montaigne and Rousseau
1408205Aspects of Dostoyevsky’s Novels 1
1408206Aspects of Dostoyevsky’s Novels 2
1408208Franz Kafka’s Fiction
1408211Tragic Hero
1408212Literary Canon in Teaching
1408213Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama in Europe 1: History Plays and Comedies
1408214Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama in Europe 2: Tragedies and Late Plays
1408215Goethe’s Faust and Romanticism
1408216Goethe’s Wilhelm Meister and Romanticism
1408217Symbolism in French Poetry 1
1408218Symbolism in French Poetry 2
1408221Hellenic and Roman Lyrical Poetry
1408223Dante 1
1408224Dante 2
1408225European Novel in 19th Century and Contemporary Narratology 1
1408226European Novel in 19th Century and Contemporary Narratology 2
1408227Anglo-American Theory of Fiction
1408228Anglo-American Fiction of the 20th Century
1408231Verse and Style in Teaching
1408232Biblical Literature: Biblical Prehistory and Moses’ Pentateuch
1408233Novel in the 19th Century in Teaching 1
1408234Novel in the 19th Century in Teaching 2
1408235Poetry of English Romanticism 1
1408236Poetry of English Romanticism 2
1408237The Theatre of the Absurd
1408241Homer’s Epics
1408242Ovid’s Poetry and Poetics
1408243Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature 1
1408244Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature 2
1408245Hugo and Romanticism in Teaching
1408246English Realism: Dickens, Thackeray, George Eliot
1408247Poetry of Avant-garde Movements
1408248Terminology of Literary Theory and Research in Cultures
1408252Vergil’s Poetry and Poetics
1408254Metaphysics of Love: Lyrical Poetry and Philosophy of Love in European Medieval and Renaissance Literature
1408255Stendhal and Balzac 1
1408256Stendhal and Balzac 2
1408257Poetry on the Edge: Contemporary Readings of T.S. Eliot and E. Pound
1408258Modern Poetry
1408265Flaubert and The Art of the Novel: Madame Bovary and Salammbo
1408266Flober and the art of the novel: Sentimental Upbringing and Buvar and Baking
1408267Postmodernist Short Story
1408268Postmodernist Prose
1408275Genre Theories 1
1408276Genre Theories 2
1408277Modern Drama Discourse
1408278Centre and Margin: Contemporary Readings of Poetry and Narratives
1408285Pre-romanticism, Romanticism and Founding the Literary Studies
1408286Romanticism and Realism – Challenging the Borders
1408287Postmodernism and the Theory of the Possible Worlds
1408296Hermeneutics in Teaching: Interpretation of Hoelderlin’s Christological Hymns
1408297Proust 1
1408298Proust 2
1408305Narrative Works of Russian Romanticism
1408308Temporality in 19th and 20th Centuries’ Drama
1408315Prose of the Period of Romanticism
1408318Opposed Models of Intertextuality
1408562Litterary Theory

M.A. Studies

140801Survey of Literary Theories: Narratology
140802Heritage of A Room of One’s Own – Gender and Criticism
140803Genre and Gender– Female Bildungsroman
140804Literature and Film: Metamorphosis of a Discourse
140805Methodology of Literary Theory: Application of Literary History Methods (On the Example of German National Literary Historiography)
140806Shakespeare and Postmodern Culture
140807Theories of Interpretation in Teaching
140808Roland Barthes: Text and Criticism
140809Interplay of Interpretations – The Ways of Comparative Hermeneutics

Ph.D. Studies

knjiz02Classical erotology – from Homer to Sappho
knjiz11Intertextual Theories
knjiz12History of literary historiographic ideas
knjiz22Literary Theories From Antiquity To Romanticism
knjiz24Literature, Fiction and Truth
knjiz30Modern World in the Prose of John Updike
knjiz44Theories of Gender and Difference and Digital Humanities
knjiz51Shakespeare and European Culture: From Renaissance To Modernism