Undergraduate Studies

1410017Polish Culture 1
1410018Polish Culture 2
1410021Polish Language 1
1410022Polish Language 2
1410023Polish Language 3
1410024Polish Language 4
1410025Polish Language 5
1410026Polish Language 6
1410027Polish Language 7
1410028Polish Language 8
1410031Contemporary Polish Language G-1
1410032Contemporary Polish Language G-2
1410033Contemporary Polish Language G-3
1410034Contemporary Polish Language G-4
1410035Contemporary Polish Language G-5
1410036Contemporary Polish Language G-6
1410037Contemporary Polish Language G-7
1410038Contemporary Polish Language G-8
1410041Polish Literature 1
1410042Polish Literature 2
1410043Polish Literature 3
1410044Polish Literature 4
1410045Polish Literature 5
1410046Polish Literature 6
1410047Polish Literature 7
1410048Polish Literature 8
1410055Polish Literature SPEC 1
1410056Polish Literature SPEC 2
1410057Polish Literature SPEC 3
1410058Polish Literature SPEC 4
1410065History of Polish Language 1
1410066History of Polish Language 2
1410331Contemporary Polish Language P1
1410332Contemporary Polish Language P2
1410333Contemporary Polish Language P3
1410334Contemporary Polish Language P4
1410445Polish Literature 1 (Second Slavic Literature)
1410446Polish Literature 2 (Second Slavic Literature)
1410447Polish Literature 3 (Second Slavic Literature)
1410448Polish Literature 4 (Second Slavic Literature)

M.A. Studies

140901Russian Language Aquisition – Classroom Observation and Teaching Practice
140902Myth and Literature
140903Russian Linguistics
140904Russian Language Aquisition
140905Metholodogy of Linguistic Research
140906General Theory of Slavic Languages Aquisition
140907Russian litterature for children
140908Russian linguoculturology − theory and usage in teaching
140908Russian Futurism
1409502The methodology of teaching literature for children
1409504Methodology of teaching Russian culture
1409507Folklore genres in the teaching process
1409508The Role of Textbooks in Russian Language Teaching
1409509Russian literature in teaching process
141001The Polish-Serbian Literary Connections
141101Fiction, fantasy and magic in contemporary Czech literature
141102Czech literature in the context of other Slavic literatures
141103Evolution of the Czech language and the science of language
141201Postmodernism in Slovak literature

Ph.D. Studies

jez27Slavic linguistics 1ЈЕЗ
jez28Slavic linguistics 2ЈЕЗ
jez39Theolinguistics of Slavic languagesЈЕЗ
jez18Contrastive Study of Grammatical Categories in Slavic LanguagesЈЕЗ
kul22Russian avant-gardeКУЛТ
kul23Russian silent movieКУЛТ

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