Greta Goetz received her BA in Anthropology and Writing from Columbia University, New York, where she graduated cum laude, and was a recipient of three poetry prizes. Her freshman year was spent in France, where she received Mention Bien at the Sorbonne, Paris. From 2001 to 2015, she was enrolled in the postgraduate program at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, where she earned her MA in 2009 and her PhD in 2015. Her dissertation was entitled An Intercultural Reading of the Autobiography of Michael Pupin: Science, Nation, and Narration.

Her professional experience includes work at the Newsdesk at TIME in New York, as sub-editor for the Hong Kong Standard, and as a freelance writer. She worked at Columbia University in administrative positions, and was promoted to Department Secretary, overseeing several sub-departments at Teacher’s College. Other experience in the field of education includes work with Teachers and Writers in New York.

Since 2001, she has taught at the English Department at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. Her courses currently include Contemporary English IV, Academic Writing, and American Cultural Studies. She has published academic papers (two favorites include “Nikolaj Velimirovic and Julia Kristeva: Voicing the Divide”, and “Profound Community: The Apposition of Anne Carson’s ‘The Life of Towns’ and Plato’s Protagoras”). She has taught and done editing work at SANU, and periodically translates and copy-edits academic papers and monographs written by Serbian authors and professors.

She speaks fluent English and French, has good working knowledge of Serbian, and working knowledge of Italian and Cantonese (spoken in southern China).