The initial date of a proper organized activity within our Department is a distant October day in 1930, when academician Stanko Škerlj held his first lesson on A Goldonian Commedy: “La Dalmatina”. Prof.Škerlj maintained contacts with italianists all over the world, putting even at that time a strong international stamp on Belgrade Italian studies, a characteristic it has retained up until now.

The second phase that lasted until the end of 1955 was a period of consolidation of the Seminar and of its gradual growth.

The third phase began with appointing Prof. Eros Sequi Head of the Seminary. After the foundation of the Faculty of Philology in 1961, the Seminary of Italian also became an autonomous Department, with professors who would very soon mark the fourth phase of its existence – S. Turconi, M.Savić, academician NikšaStipčević and academician Ivan Klajn.

This nucleus has always been enriched by indispensable and significant presence of Italian readers. Since the very first days the study program has been articulated in two directions: the one of language and the other one of literature. Scientific research has also always been a very important activity of the Department.

Today, the Department of Italian studies of the Faculty of Philology represents a solid and reliable point for all those who desire to get to know better the Italian culture.

In the last decade, there has been constant growth of the number of the undergraduate students enrolled at the Department, reaching today around one thousand students. This number almost equals the number of the undergraduate students enrolled at the leading Department of English Studies. The Faculty offers a four-year study program, and also a two-year study program for students of other Departments. It also has a two-year Master’s study program.