Accreditation MAS-SK

1405502Academic Writing Technique1
1405503Methodology of Teaching Literature1
1405504Textology And Poetics of Old Serbian Literature1
1405505Carnivalisation And Carnival Culture in the Renaissance European And Dubrovnik Literature1
1405506Literary Imagery And Cultural Identity (I)1
1405507Lyrical Novel in Serbian Literature1
1405508Singer And Tradition – to the Poetics of Oral Poetry1
1405509the Prose of Danila Kiša in the Context of Serbian Literature1
1405510Serbian Lyricism From Orfelin to Ilic (Evolutionary Points of View)1
1405511Epic And Dramatic in Serbian Drama1
1405512Translated Literature in the Context of Old Literature1
1405513Poetics of Formulation1
1405514Lectures And Legends in the Folklore Culture System1
1405515Serbian Literature And Film1
1405516Tradition of Enlightenment in Serbian Literature1
1405500Final Work2
1405501Study Research2