Ph.D. Studies

The Ph.D. studies in language, literature and culture at the Faculty of Philology belong to the field of humanities, namely philology and related research fields, e.g., linguistics, literary theory and literary history, comparative literature, applied linguistics and language teaching methodology, literature teaching methodology, translation studies, cultural and communication studies, library information, and archival science (to name only a few).
This Ph.D. study program enables doctoral students to become professionals by attending general theoretical courses, as well as in a number of subject-specific courses they can choose from and which help them define the research area of their Ph.D. dissertation. The program is flexible and adaptable to the particular interests of each candidate and to her/his academic and professional needs.

Upon graduation, our Ph.D. students will have developed the following competencies: the ability to engage in scientific research, the capacity for post-doctoral training in Serbia and abroad, as well as employability in public and private sectors. With a Ph.D. degree awarded by the Faculty of Philology, one may work in different scientific and educational institutions, as well as in cultural institutions, libraries, archives and museums; in art academies; theater and film research institutions, language and literature institutes, national and local governments (particularly in sectors dedicated to culture and education, foreign affairs, and the mass media).

Center for Postgraduate Studies

Vesna Vidović


Professor of Serbian Language