For Prospective Students

The Faculty of Philology at the University of Belgrade is the oldest and largest faculty of its kind not only in Serbia, but also in the region. Apart from Serbian language and literature studies, more than thirty foreign languages, comparative literature, general linguistics, and a library with information science are taught at the Faculty of Philology.

Over 9,000 students are currently studying at the Faculty of Philology, working with over 400 professors, teaching assistants and associates. Together, they compose an active and vital academic community within which, in addition to teaching and research, a number of other activities (cultural, artistic, sports activities, etc.) are carried out.

Academic studies are organized into the following categories: undergraduate (B.A.), master’s (M.A.) and doctoral (Ph.D.) studies.

Four accredited study programs are offered at the undergraduate level:

Six accredited study programs are offered at the M.A. level:

The Language, Literature and Culture academic program is accredited at the Ph.D. level.

The center for Serbian as a foreign language, as an integral part of the organizational structure of the Faculty of Philology, offers courses in Serbian as a foreign language (L2) at all levels.