Accreditation OAS-JKK

1400011Theory of Culture and Civilization
1400012Ethics in Science and Culture
1400022Cultural Anthropology
1400031Developmental Psychology
1400032Educational Psychology
1400041Introduction to Psychology
1400042Psychology of Reading
1400051Introduction to Ecology 1
1400052Introduction to Ecology 2
1400061Introduction to Aesthetics 1
1400062Introduction to Aesthetics 2
1400071Introduction to Communication Studies 1
1400072Introduction to Communication Studies 2
1400081Introduction to Cultural Studies 1
1400082Introduction to Cultural Studies 2
1400091Introduction to Philosophy 1
1400092Introduction to Philosophy 2
1401111Serbian language 1
1401112Serbian language 2
1401221Staroslovenski jezik 1
1401222Staroslovenski jezik 2
1401231Introduction to South Slavic Linguistic Studies 1
1401232Introduction to South Slavic Linguistic Studies 2
1401242Comparative grammar of Indo-European languages
1404015Bulgarian Culture and Civilization 1
1404016Bulgarian Culture and Civilization 2
1404021Bulgarian language 1
1404022Bulgarian language 2
1404023Bulgarian language 3
1404024Bulgarian language 4
1404025Bulgarian language 5
1404026Bulgarian language 6
1404027Bulgarian language 7
1404028Bulgarian 8
1404031Contemporary G-1
1404032Contemporary Bulgarian G-2
1404033Contemporary Bulgarian G-3
1404034Contemporary Bulgarian G-4
1404035Contemporary Bulgarian G-5
1404036Contemporary Bulgarian G-6
1404037Contemporary Bulgarian G-7
1404038Contemporary Bulgarian G-8
1404041Bulgarian Literature 1
1404042Bulgarian Literature 2
1404043Bulgarian Literature 3
1404044Bulgarian Literature 4
1404045Bulgarian Literature 5
1404046Bulgarian Literature 6
1404047Bulgarian Literature 7
1404048Bulgarian Literature 8
1404055History of the Bulgarian language 1
1404056History of Bulgarian Language 2
1404331Contemporary Bulgarian language P-1
1404332Contemporary Bulgarian language P-2
1404333Contemporary Bulgarian language P-3
1404334Contemporary Bulgarian language P-4
1405111History of Serbian Literature 1
1405112History of Serbian Literature 2
1405113History of Serbian Literature 3
1405114History of Serbian Literature 4
1408001Introduction to Literary Theory 1
1408002Introduction to Literary Theory 2
1408011General Literary History 1
1408012General Literary History 2
1408013General Literary History 3
1408014General Literary History 4
1408015General Literary History 5
1408016General Literary History 6
1408017General Literary History 7
1408018General Literary History 8
1408021Basic Terms of Literary Theory 1
1408022Basic Terms of Literary Theory 2
1408023Basic Terms of Literary Theory 3
1408024Basic Terms of Literary Theory 4
1408025Literary Theories of German Pre-romanticism and Romanticism
1408026Literary Theories from Romanticism to Naturalism
1408027Contemporary Literary Theory 1
1408028Contemporary Literary Theory 2
1408031General Literary History – Practicum 1
1408032General Literary History – Practicum 2
1408033General Literary History – Practicum 3
1408034General Literary History – Practicum 4
1408035General Literary History – Practicum 5
1408036General Literary History – Practicum 6
1408037General Literary History – Practicum 7
1408038General Literary History – Practicum 8
1408041Hellenic and Roman Poetics 1
1408042Hellenic and Roman Poetics 2
1408043Aesthetics 1
1408044Aesthetics 2
1408045Aesthetics 3
1408046Aesthetics 4
1408201Classical Drama 1
1408202Classical Drama 2
1408203Literature of European Baroque
1408204Autobiographical Discourse of Montaigne and Rousseau
1408205Aspects of Dostoyevsky’s Novels 1
1408206Aspects of Dostoyevsky’s Novels 2
1408208Franz Kafka’s Fiction
1408211Tragic Hero
1408212Literary Canon in Teaching
1408213Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama in Europe 1: History Plays and Comedies
1408214Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama in Europe 2: Tragedies and Late Plays
1408215Goethe’s Faust and Romanticism
1408216Goethe’s Wilhelm Meister and Romanticism
1408217Symbolism in French Poetry 1
1408218Symbolism in French Poetry 2
1408221Hellenic and Roman Lyrical Poetry
1408223Dante 1
1408224Dante 2
1408225European Novel in 19th Century and Contemporary Narratology 1
1408226European Novel in 19th Century and Contemporary Narratology 2
1408227Anglo-American Theory of Fiction
1408228Anglo-American Fiction of the 20th Century
1408231Verse and Style in Teaching
1408232Biblical Literature: Biblical Prehistory and Moses’ Pentateuch
1408233Novel in the 19th Century in Teaching 1
1408234Novel in the 19th Century in Teaching 2
1408235Poetry of English Romanticism 1
1408236Poetry of English Romanticism 2
1408237The Theatre of the Absurd
1408241Homer’s Epics
1408242Ovid’s Poetry and Poetics
1408243Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature 1
1408244Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature 2
1408245Hugo and Romanticism in Teaching
1408246English Realism: Dickens, Thackeray, George Eliot
1408247Poetry of Avant-garde Movements
1408248Terminology of Literary Theory and Research in Cultures
1408252Vergil’s Poetry and Poetics
1408254Metaphysics of Love: Lyrical Poetry and Philosophy of Love in European Medieval and Renaissance Literature
1408255Stendhal and Balzac 1
1408256Stendhal and Balzac 2
1408257Poetry on the Edge: Contemporary Readings of T.S. Eliot and E. Pound
1408258Modern Poetry
1408265Flaubert and The Art of the Novel: Madame Bovary and Salammbo
1408266Flober and the art of the novel: Sentimental Upbringing and Buvar and Baking
1408267Postmodernist Short Story
1408268Postmodernist Prose
1408275Genre Theories 1
1408276Genre Theories 2
1408277Modern Drama Discourse
1408278Centre and Margin: Contemporary Readings of Poetry and Narratives
1408285Pre-romanticism, Romanticism and Founding the Literary Studies
1408286Romanticism and Realism – Challenging the Borders
1408287Postmodernism and the Theory of the Possible Worlds
1408296Hermeneutics in Teaching: Interpretation of Hoelderlin’s Christological Hymns
1408297Proust 1
1408298Proust 2
1408305Narrative Works of Russian Romanticism
1408308Temporality in 19th and 20th Centuries’ Drama
1408315Prose of the Period of Romanticism
1408318Opposed Models of Intertextuality
1408562Litterary Theory
1408602General Literature I
1408604General Literature II
1408606General Literature III
1409001Introduction to Literature
1409002Introduction to Linguistics
1409011Introduction to Slavic Studies 1
1409012Introduction to Slavic Studies 2
1409013Contrastive study of Slovene languages ​​1
1409014Contrastive study of Slovene languages ​​2
1409015Russians and Serbs through the Mirror of Language 1
1409016Russians and Serbs through the Mirror of Language 2
1409017Russian Culture 1
1409018Russian Culture 2
1409021Russian Language 1
1409022Russian Language 2
1409023Russian Language 3
1409024Russian Language 4
1409025Russian Language 5
1409026Russian Language 6
1409027Russian Language 7
1409028Russian Language 8
1409031Contemporary Russian Language G-1(compulsory course)
1409032Contemporary Russian Language G-2 (compulsory course)
1409033Contemporary Russian Language G-3 (compulsory course)
1409034Contemporary Russian Language G-4 (compulsory course)
1409035Contemporary Russian Language G-5 (compulsory course)
1409036Contemporary Russian Language G-6 (compulsory course)
1409037Contemporary Russian Language G-7 (compulsory course)
1409038Contemporary Russian Language G-8 (compulsory course)
1409041Russian Literature 1
1409042Russian Literature 2
1409043Russian Literature 3
1409044Russian Literature 4
1409045Russian Literature 5
1409046Russian Literature 6
1409047Russian Literature 7
1409048Russian Literature 8
1409055History of Russian Language 1
1409056History of Russian Language 2
1409057Russian Language SPEC 1
1409058Russian Language SPEC 2
1409065History of Russia to Peter the Great
1409066History of Russia: XVIII and XIX Centuries
1409067Translation 1 – Russian
1409068Translation 2 – Russian
1409075Russian Literature SPEC 1
1409076Russian Literature SPEC 2
1409077Russian Literature SPEC 3
1409078Russian Literature SPEC 4
1409085Methodology of Russian Language Acquisition 1
1409086Methodology of Russian Language Acquisition 2
1409087Methodology of Russian Language Acquisition 3
1409088Methodology of Russian Language Acquisition 4
1409097Russian Literary Criticism
1409098Moscow Conceptualism
1409107Russian Language for specific purposes (LSP) 1
1409108Russian Language for specific purposes (LSP) 2
1409331Contempopary Russian Language P-1
1409332Contempopary Russian Language P-2
1409333Contempopary Russian Language P-3
1409334Contempopary Russian Language P-4
1409335Contempopary Russian Language P-1 (Second Slavic Language)
1409336Contempopary Russian Language P-2 (Second Slavic Language)
1409337Contempopary Russian Language P-3 (Second Slavic Language)
1409338Contempopary Russian Language P-4 (Second Slavic Language)
1409445Russian Literature 1 (Second Slavic Literature)
1409446Russian Literature 2 (Second Slavic Literature)
1409447Russian Literature 3 (Second Slavic Literature)
1409448Russian Literature 4 (Second Slavic Literature)
1410017Polish Culture 1
1410018Polish Culture 2
1410021Polish Language 1
1410022Polish Language 2
1410023Polish Language 3
1410024Polish Language 4
1410025Polish Language 5
1410026Polish Language 6
1410027Polish Language 7
1410028Polish Language 8
1410031Contemporary Polish Language G-1
1410032Contemporary Polish Language G-2
1410033Contemporary Polish Language G-3
1410034Contemporary Polish Language G-4
1410035Contemporary Polish Language G-5
1410036Contemporary Polish Language G-6
1410037Contemporary Polish Language G-7
1410038Contemporary Polish Language G-8
1410041Polish Literature 1
1410042Polish Literature 2
1410043Polish Literature 3
1410044Polish Literature 4
1410045Polish Literature 5
1410046Polish Literature 6
1410047Polish Literature 7
1410048Polish Literature 8
1410055Polish Literature SPEC 1
1410056Polish Literature SPEC 2
1410057Polish Literature SPEC 3
1410058Polish Literature SPEC 4
1410065History of Polish Language 1
1410066History of Polish Language 2
1410331Contemporary Polish Language P1
1410332Contemporary Polish Language P2
1410333Contemporary Polish Language P3
1410334Contemporary Polish Language P4
1410445Polish Literature 1 (Second Slavic Literature)
1410446Polish Literature 2 (Second Slavic Literature)
1410447Polish Literature 3 (Second Slavic Literature)
1410448Polish Literature 4 (Second Slavic Literature)
1411011Introduction to Czech Studies 1
1411012Introduction to Czech Studies 2
1411015Czech Travel Literature 1
1411016Czech Travel Literature 2
1411017Czech Culture 1
1411018Czech Culture 2
1411021Czech Language 1
1411022Czech Language 2
1411023Czech Language 3
1411024Czech Language 4
1411025Czech Language 5
1411026Czech Language 6
1411027Czech Language 7
1411028Czech Language 8
1411031Contemporary Czech Language G-1
1411032Contemporary Czech Language G-2
1411033Contemporary Czech Language G-3
1411034Contemporary Czech Language G-4
1411035Contemporary Czech Language G-5
1411036Contemporary Czech Language G-6
1411037Contemporary Czech Language G-7
1411038Contemporary Czech Language G-8
1411041Czech Literature 1
1411042Czech Literature 2
1411043Czech Literature 3
1411044Czech Literature 4
1411045Czech Literature 5
1411046Czech Literature 6
1411047Czech Literature 7
1411048Czech Literature 8
1411055History of Czech Language 1
1411056History of Czech Language 2
1411057Milan Kundera’s Poetic 1
1411058Milan Kundera’s Poetic 2
1411067West Slavonic Lexicography 1
1411068West Slavonic Lexicography 2
1411331Contemporary Czech Language P-1
1411332Contemporary Czech Language P-2
1411333Contemporary Czech Language P-3
1411334Contemporary Czech Language P-4
1411445Czech Literature 1 (Second Slavic Literature)
1411446Czech Literature 2 (Second Slavic Literature)
1411447Czech Literature 3 (Second Slavic Literature)
1411448Czech Literature 4 (Second Slavic Literature)
1412011Introduction to Slovac Studies 1
1412012Introduction to Slovac Studies 2
1412017Slovak culture 1
1412018Slovak culture 2
1412021Slovak Language 1
1412022Slovak Language 2
1412023Slovak Language 3
1412024Slovak Language 4
1412025Slovak Language 5
1412026Slovak Language 6
1412027Slovak Language 7
1412028Slovak Language 8
1412031Contemporary Slovak language G-1
1412032Contemporary Slovak language G-2
1412033Contemporary Slovak language G-3
1412034Contemporary Slovak language G-4
1412035Contemporary Slovak language G-5
1412036Contemporary Slovak language G-6
1412037Contemporary Slovak language G-7
1412038Contemporary Slovak language G-8
1412041Slovak literature 1
1412042Slovak literature 2
1412043Slovak literature 3
1412044Slovak literature 4
1412045Slovak literature 5
1412046Slovak literature 6
1412047Slovak literature 7
1412048Slovak literature 8
1412055History of the Slovak language 1
1412056History of the Slovak language 2
1412331Contemporary Slovak language P-1
1412332Contemporary Slovak language P-2
1412333Contemporary Slovak language P-3
1412334Contemporary Slovak language P-4
1412445Slovak Literature 1 (Second Slavic Literature)
1412446Slovak Literature 2 (Second Slavic Literature)
1412447Slovak Literature 3 (Second Slavic Literature)
1412448Slovak Literature 4 (Second Slavic Literature)
1413011Introduction to Italian Culture 1
1413012Introduction to Italian Culture 2
1413013Introduction to Italian Culture 3
1413014Introduction to Italian Culture 4
1413021Italian language 1
1413022Italian language 2
1413023Morphology of the Italian language 1
1413024Morphology of Italian Language 2
1413025Syntax of Italian 1
1413026Syntax of Italian 2
1413027Phraseology of the Italian language 1
1413028Phraseology of the Italian language 2
1413031Contemporary Italian G-1
1413032Contemporary Italian G-2
1413033Contemporary Italian G-3
1413034Contemporary Italian G-4
1413035Contemporary Italian G-5
1413036Contemporary Italian G-6
1413037Contemporary Italian G-7
1413038Contemporary Italian G-8
1413041Italian Literature 1
1413042Italian Literature 2
1413043Italian Literature 3
1413044Italian Literature 4
1413045Italian Literature 5
1413046Italian Literature 6
1413047Italian Literature 7
1413048Italian Literature 8
1413055Historical Grammar of Italian Language 1
1413056Historical Grammar of Italian Language 2
1413065Applied Linguistics and Italian Language Teaching 1
1413066Applied Linguistics and Italian Language Teaching 2
1413067Didactics of Italian Language 1
1413068Didactics of the Italian language 2
1413075Translation for Italians 1
1413076Translation for Italians 2
1413101Latin 1
1413102Latin 2
1413103Latin 3
1413104Latin 4
1413113Theory and Practice of Translation 1 – Italianistics
1413114Theory and Practice of Translation 2 – Italianistics
1413125Contrastive analysis of Italian and Serbian language
1413136Theory of Translation – Italian
1413223Italian Lexicology 1
1413224Italian Lexicology 2
1413331Contemporary Italian language P-1
1413332Contemporary Italian language P-2
1413333Contemporary Italian language P-3
1413334Contemporary Italian language P-4
1413443Italian literature of the 20th century 1
1413444Italian literature of the 20th century 2
1413445Interpretation and History of Critique of Divine Comedy 1
1413446Interpretation and History of Critique of Divine Comedy 2
1413807History of Italian language 1
1413808History of the Italian language 2
1413817Italian spoken language 1
1413818Italian spoken language 2
1413867Italian lyric and narrative genres from the 13th to the 17th century 1
1413868Italian lyric and narrative genres from the 13th to the 17th century 2
1413877Translation for Italianists 1
1413878Translation for Italianists 2
1413977Translation for Italianists 3
1413978Translation for Italianists 4
1414011Introduction to French Civilization and Culture 1
1414012Introduction to French Civilization and Culture 2
1414013Modern Society Myths in Contemporary French Literature 1
1414014Modern Society Myths in Contemporary French Literature 2
1414021French language morphosyntax and phonetics 1
1414022French language morphosyntax and phonetics 2
1414023Syntax of verbal phrase in French 1
1414024Syntax of verbal phrase in French 2
1414025Syntax and Semantics of French language tenses 1
1414026Syntax and Semantics of French language tenses 2
1414027French sentence structure 1
1414028French sentence structure 2
1414031Contemporary French language G-1
1414032Contemporary French language G-2
1414033Contemporary French language G-3
1414034Contemporary French language G-4
1414035Contemporary French language G-5
1414036Contemporary French language G-6
1414037Contemporary French language G-7
1414038Contemporary French language G-8
1414041French Literature 1
1414042French Literature 2
1414043French Literature 3
1414044French Literature 4
1414045French Literature 5
1414046French Literature 6
1414047French Literature 7
1414048French Literature 8
1414051Communicating in french language 1
1414052Communicating in french language 2
1414053Language education policies in francophone countries 1
1414054Language education policies in francophone countries 2
1414055The history of the French language 1
1414056The history of the French language 2
1414057Teaching reading in French language didactics 1
1414058Teaching reading in French language didactics 2
1414065Business French 1
1414066Business French 2
1414067Didactics of French foreign and second language 1
1414068Didactics of French foreign and second language 2
1414077Theories and technics of French texts written translation 1
1414078Theories and technics of French texts written translation 2
1414101Latin language 1
1414102Latin language 2
1414103Latin language 3
1414104Latin language 4
1414147Francophone Literature 1
1414148Francophone Literature 2
1414223French language lexicology and semantics 1
1414224French language lexicology and semantics 2
1414331Contemporary French language P1
1414332Contemporary French language P2
1414333Contemporary French language P3
1414334Contemporary French language P4
1414441Teaching French Film and Literature 1
1414442Teaching French Film and Literature 2
1414445French text interpretation 1
1414446French text interpretation 2
1414447French text interpretation 3
1414448French text interpretation 4
1415001Creative writing 1
1415002Creative writing 2
1415003Creative writing 3
1415004Creative writing 4
1415011Introduction to Hispanic Studies 1
1415012Introduction to Hispanic Studies 2
1415013Introduction to Spanish Versification and Translation of Poetry
1415014Introduction to Studies of the Picaresque Literature
1415017Introduction to the Reception of Spanish American Literature 1
1415018Introduction to the Reception of Spanish American Literature 2
1415021Spanish Language 1
1415022Spanish Language 2
1415023Spanish Language 3
1415024Spanish Language 4
1415025Spanish Language 5
1415026Spanish Language 6
1415027Spanish Language 7
1415028Spanish Language 8
1415031Contemporary Spanish Language G-1
1415032Contemporary Spanish Language G-2
1415033Contemporary Spanish Language G-3
1415034Contemporary Spanish Language G-4
1415035Contemporary Spanish Language G-5
1415036Contemporary Spanish Language G-6
1415037Contemporary Spanish Language G-7
1415038Contemporary Spanish Language G-8
1415041Spanish Literature 1
1415042Spanish Literature 2
1415043Spanish Literature 3
1415044Spanish Literature 4
1415045Spanish Literature 5
1415046Spanish Literature 6
1415047Spanish Literature 7
1415048Spanish Literature 8
1415055History of Spanish Language 1
1415056History of Spanish Language 2
1415057Dialectology of Spanish
1415058Lexicography of Spanish
1415065Cervantes and the Teaching of Literature 1
1415066Cervantes and the Teaching of Literature 2
1415067Literature of Spanish Realism Textual Analysis
1415068Contemporary Spanish Novel and Teaching Literature
1415075Translation for Hispanists 1
1415076Translation for Hispanists 2
1415077Translation for Hispanists 3
1415078Translation for Hispanists 4
1415085Spanish American Literature and Cinema
1415086Spanish American Literature of the 20th Century, Monographic Course
1415087Spanish for Specific Purposes
1415096Introduction to Spanish Serbian Contrastive Analysis
1415097Applied Linguistics and Teaching Methodology 1
1415098Applied Linguistics and Teaching Methodology 2
1415111Hispanic Cultures 1
1415112Hispanic Cultures 2
1415113Hispanic Cultures 3
1415114Hispanic Cultures 4
1415331Contemporary Spanish Language P-1
1415332Contemporary Spanish Language P-2
1415333Contemporary Spanish Language P-3
1415334Contemporary Spanish Language P-4
1415445Spanish American Literature 1
1415446Spanish American Literature 2
1415447Spanish American Literature 3
1415448Spanish American Literature 4
1416011Introduction to Romanian Civilization 1
1416012Introduction to Romanian Civilization 2
1416021Romanian language 1
1416022Romanian language 2
1416023Romanian language 3
1416024Romanian language 4
1416025Romanian language 5
1416026Romanian language 6
1416027Romanian language 7
1416028Romanian language 8
1416031 Contemporary Romanian language G-1
1416032 Contemporary Romanian language G-2
1416033 Contemporary Romanian language G-3
1416034 Contemporary Romanian language G-4
1416035 Contemporary Romanian language G-5
1416036 Contemporary Romanian language G-6
1416037 Contemporary Romanian language G-7
1416038 Contemporary Romanian language G-8
1416041Romanian Literature 1
1416042Romanian Literature 2
1416043Romanian Literature 3
1416044Romanian literature 4
1416045Romanian Literature 5
1416046Romanian Literature 6
1416047Romanian Literature 7
1416048Romanian Literature 8
1416057History of Romanian Language 1
1416058History of Romanian Language2
1416067Methodology of teaching/learning Romanian language 1
1416068Methodology of teaching/learning Romanian language 2
1416075The technique of translating a professional text and its application in teaching 1 – Romanian language
1416076The technique of translating a professional text and its application in teaching 2 – Romanian language
1416077The technique of translating a professional text and its application in teaching 3 – Romanian language
1416078The technique of translating a professional text and its application in teaching 4 – Romanian language
1416331Contemporary Romanian Language P-1
1416332Contemporary Romanian Language P-2
1416333Contemporary Romanian Language P-3
1416334Contemporary Romanian Language P-4
1417011Introduction to Germanism 1
1417012Introduction to Germanism 2
1417017German Cultural History 1
1417018German Cultural History 2
1417021German language 1
1417022German language 2
1417023German language 3
1417024German language 4
1417025German language 5
1417026German language 6
1417027German language 7
1417028German language 8
1417031Contemporary German G-1
1417032Contemporary German G-2
1417033Contemporary German G-3
1417034Contemporary German G-4
1417035Contemporary German G-5
1417036Contemporary German G-6
1417037Contemporary German G-7
1417038Contemporary German G-8
1417041German Literature 1
1417042German Literature 2
1417043German Literature 3
1417044German literature 4
1417045German Literature 5
1417046German Literature 6
1417047German Literature 7
1417048German Literature 8
1417055History of German Language 1
1417056History of German Language 2
1417057Didactics and Methods of Teaching German Language 1
1417058Didactics and Methods of Teaching German Language 2
1417065Theory of Translation for Germanism 1
1417066Theory of Translation for Germanism 2
1417075Translation for germaniste 1
1417076Translation for germaniste 2
1417077Translation for germanist 3
1417078Translation for germaniste 4
1417085Applied Linguistics and Glottodidactics 1
1417087Applied Linguistics and Glottodidactics 2
1417225Phraseology of German Language 1
1417226Phraseology of German Language 2
1417331Contemporary German P-1
1417332Contemporary German P-2
1417333Contemporary German P-3
1417334Contemporary German P-4
1417441Overview of German Literature from the Beginning to the Second World War 1
1417442Overview of German Literature from the Beginning to the Second World War 2
1417443German medieval studies
1417444German poets of the 17th and 18th centuries
1418011Introduction to Scandinavia 1
1418012Introduction to Scandinavia 2
1418021Scandinavian languages ​​1
1418022Scandinavian languages ​​2
1418023Scandinavian languages ​​3
1418024Scandinavian languages ​​4
1418025Scandinavian languages ​​5
1418026Scandinavian languages ​​6
1418027Scandinavian languages ​​7
1418028Scandinavian languages ​​8
1418031Contemporary Scandinavian languages ​​G-1
1418032Contemporary Scandinavian languages ​​G-2
1418033Contemporary Scandinavian languages ​​G-3
1418034Contemporary Scandinavian languages ​​G-4
1418035Contemporary Scandinavian G-5 languages
1418036Contemporary Scandinavian languages ​​G-6
1418037Contemporary Scandinavian languages ​​G-7
1418038Contemporary Scandinavian languages ​​G-8
1418042Scandinavian literature 1
1418044Scandinavian literature 2
1418046Scandinavian literature 3
1418048Scandinavian literature 4
1418111Scandinavian culture 1
1418113Scandinavian culture 2
1418115Scandinavian culture 3
1418117Scandinavian culture 4
1418225Scandinavian Studies – Special Course 1
1418226Scandinavian Studies – Special Course 2
1418227Scandinavian Studies – Special Course 3
1418228Scandinavian Studies – Special Course 4
1418331Contemporary Scandinavian languages ​​P-1
1418332Contemporary Scandinavian languages ​​P-2
1418333Contemporary Scandinavian languages ​​P-3
1418334Contemporary Scandinavian languages ​​P-4
1419011Introduction to British Studies 1
1419012Introduction to British Studies 2
1419013Introduction to American Studies 1
1419014Introduction to American Studies 2
1419015British Cultural Studies 1
1419016British Cultural Studies 2
1419017American Cultural Studies 1
1419018American Cultural Studies 2
1419021English Language 1 (Phonetics 1)
1419022English Language 2 (Phonetics 2)
1419023English Language 3 (Morphology)
1419024English Language 4 (Lexicology)
1419025English language 5
1419026English language 6
1419031Contemporary English Language G-1
1419032Contemporary English Language G-2
1419033Contemporary English Language G-3
1419034Contemporary English Language G-4
1419035Contemporary English Language G-5
1419036Contemporary English Language G-6
1419041English Literature 1
1419042English Literature 2
1419043English Literature 3
1419044English Literature 4
1419045Literary Translation 1
1419046Literary Translation 2
1419055American Literature 1
1419056American Literature 2
1419065Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching
1419066Methodology of English Language Teaching 1
1419067Methodology of English Language Teaching 2
1419068Methodology of English Language Teaching 3 – Professional Practice
1419073Translation Techniques and Procedures
1419074Theory of Translation
1419127English language SPEC 1/1
1419128English language SPEC 1/2
1419137Contemporary English SPEC 1/1 (Academic Writing)
1419237Contemporary English SPEC 2/1
1419138Contemporary English Language SPEC 2/1
1419238Contemporary English SPEC 2/2
1419147Anglophone Literature SPEC 1/1 (American Postmodern Literature, elective course)
1419148Anglophone Literature SPEC 1/2 (American Postmodern Literature, elective course)
1419177Translation for English Language Students SPEC 1/1
1419178Translation for English Language Students SPEC 2/1
1419221Descriptive grammar 1
1419222Descriptive grammar 2
1419223Descriptive grammar 3
1419224Descriptive grammar 4
1419227English language SPEC 2/1 (Semantics 1)
1419228English language SPEC 2/2 (Semantic 2)
1419247Anglophone Literature SPEC 2/1 (Shakespeare, elective course)
1419248Anglophone Literature SPEC 2/2 (Shakespeare, elective course)
1419277Translation for English Language Students SPEC 1/2
1419278Translation for English Language Students SPEC 2/2
1419327English language SPEC 3/1
1419328English language SPEC 3/2
1419331Contemporary English P-1 (A2)
1419332Contemporary English P-2 (A2)
1419333Contemporary English P-3 (A2)
1419334Contemporary English P-4 (A2)
1419347Anglophone Literature SPEC 3/1 (British Novel, elective course)
1419348Anglophone Literature SPEC2 (British Novel, elective course)
1419431Contemporary English P-1 (B2)
1419432Contemporary English P-2 (B2)
1419433Contemporary English P-3 (B2)
1419434Contemporary English P-4 (B2)
1419445Non-literary Translation 1
1419446Non-literary Translation 2
1420011Introduction to the Oriental Studies 1
1420012Introduction to the Oriental Studies 2
1420013Introduction to the Islamic Civilization 1
1420014Introduction to the Islamic Civilization 2
1420021Arabic Morphology 1
1420022Arabic Morphology 2
1420023Arabic Morphosyntax 1
1420024Arabic Morphosyntax 2
1420025Arabic Syntax 1
1420026Arabic Syntax 2
1420027Media Arabic
1420028Business Arabic Language and Correspondence
1420031Modern Standard Arabic G-1
1420032Modern Standard Arabic G-2
1420033Modern Standard Arabic G-3
1420034Modern Standard Arabic G-4
1420035Modern Standard Arabic G-5
1420036Modern Standard Arabic G-6
1420037Modern Standard Arabic G-7
1420038Modern Standard Arabic G-8
1420045Arabic Literature 1
1420046Arabic Literature 2
1420047Arabic Literature 3
1420048Arabic Literature 4
1420075Theory of translation – Arabic studies
1420076Techniques of translation – Arabic studies
1420085Arabic Grammar Terminology
1420086Arabic Language – Professional Terminology
1420185Arabic Drama Literature
1420221Arabic Phonetics 1
1420222Arabic Phonetics 2
1420285Economic geography of the Middle East
1420286Islamic art
1420331Modern Standard Arabic P-1
1420332Modern Standard Arabic P-2
1420333Modern Standard Arabic P-3
1420334Modern Standard Arabic P-4
1420386Fundamentals of Islamic Law
1420435Arabic dialects 1 (Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi, Maghrebi)
1420436Arabic dialects 2 (Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi, Maghrebi)
1420445Modern Maghrebi Literature 1
1420446Modern Maghrebi Literature 2
1420485Arabic Autobiographical Literature
1421011Introduction to turkology
1421012Turkish folklore
1421013History of the Ottoman Empire
1421014Cultural history of the Turks
1421021Turkish language 1
1421022Turkish language 2
1421023Turkish language 3
1421024Turkish language 4
1421025Turkish language 5
1421026Turkish language 6
1421027Turkish language 7
1421028Turkish 8
1421031Contemporary Turkish G-1
1421032Contemporary Turkish G-2
1421033Contemporary Turkish G-3
1421034Contemporary Turkish G-4
1421035Contemporary Turkish G-5
1421036Contemporary Turkish G-6
1421037Contemporary Turkish G-7
1421038Contemporary Turkish G-8
1421045Turkish Literature 1
1421046Turkish Literature 2
1421047Turkish Literature 3
1421048Turkish Literature 4
1421075Contrastive analysis of Turkish and Serbian language 1
1421076Contrastive analysis of Turkish and Serbian language 2
1421077Contrastive analysis of Turkish and Serbian language 3
1421078Contrastive analysis of Turkish and Serbian language 4
1421087Ottoman diplomacy with paleography 1
1421088Ottoman diplomacy with paleography 2
1421112Introduction to Serbian Turkicism
1421113The Basics of Arabic Grammar 1
1421114The Basics of Arabic Grammar 2
1421223Introduction to Ottoman Turkish 1
1421224Introduction to Ottoman Turkish 2
1421225Ottoman language 1
1421226Ottoman language 2
1421227Ottoman language 3
1421228Ottoman language 4
1421331Contemporary Turkish language P-1
1421332Contemporary Turkish language P-2
1421333Contemporary Turkish language P-3
1421334Contemporary Turkish language P-4
1421335Practicum from Ottoman language 1
1421336Practicum from Ottoman language 2
1421337Practicum from Ottoman language 3
1421338Practicum from Ottoman language 4
1421441Seminar in Turkish Literature 1
1421442Seminar in Turkish Literature 2
1422331Contemporary Korean P-1
1422332Contemporary Korean P-2
1422333Contemporary Korean P-3
1422334Contemporary Korean P-4
1423011Introduction to Japanese Studies
1423012Introduction to study of Japanese civilization
1423013Japanese economy 1
1423014Japanese economy 2
1423015Japanese civilization 1
1423016Japanese civilization 2
1423017Japan and Contemporaryization 1
1423018Japan and Contemporaryization 2
1423021Japanese Grammar 1
1423022Japanese Kanji 1
1423023Japanese Grammar 2
1423024Japanese Kanji 2
1423025Japanese Grammar 3
1423026Japanese Kanji 3
1423027Japanese Grammar 4
1423028Japanese Kanji 4
1423031Contemporary Japanese Language G-1
1423032Contemporary Japanese Language G-2
1423033Contemporary Japanese Language G-3
1423034Contemporary Japanese Language G-4
1423035Contemporary Japanese Language G-5
1423036Contemporary Japanese Language G-6
1423037Contemporary Japanese Language G-7
1423038Contemporary Japanese Language G-8
1423041West and Japanese Literature 1
1423042West and Japanese Literature 2
1423043Japanese Literature 1
1423044Japanese Literature 2
1423045Japanese Literature 3
1423046Japanese Literature 4
1423047Japanese Literature 5
1423048Japanese Literature 6
1423051Japanese Culture and Society 1
1423052Japanese Culture and Society 2
1423053History of the Asia-Pacific region 1
1423054History of the Asia-Pacific region 2
1423055Special course in linguistic japanology and japanological linguistics
1423056Contrastive analysis of Japanese and Serbian language
1423057Specialist course in Japanese syntax of a simple sentence
1423058A specialized course in the Japanese syntax of a complex sentence
1423061Language and Society in Japan 1
1423062Language and Society in Japan 2
1423063Language and Society in Japan 1 SPEC
1423064Language and Society in Japan 2 SPEC
1423065Translating Japanese texts 1
1423066Translating Japanese texts 2
1423067Translating Japanese texts 3
1423068Translating Japanese texts 4
1423075Historical and cultural history of Japan 1
1423076Historical and cultural history of Japan 2
1423111Japan and World 1
1423112Japan and World 2
1423113Japanese economy SPEC 1
1423114Japanese economy SPEC 2
1423115Art in the Meiji period
1423116Art in the Heian period
1423117Buddhist sculpture in the Nara period
1423118Buddhist sculpture in the Kamakura period
1423167Specialist course in Japanese lexicology and semantics
1423188Art in the Tokugawa period
1423217Asian Art Heritage 1
1423218Asian Art Heritage 2
1423331Contemporary Japanese language P-1
1423332Contemporary Japanese language P-2
1423333Contemporary Japanese language P-3
1423334Contemporary Japanese language P-4
1424011Introduction to Chinese writing system
1424012Introduction to Sinology
1424013Chinese Culture 1
1424014Chinese Culture 2
1424015Chinese Culture 3
1424016Chinese Culture 4
1424017Chinese Culture 5
1424018Chinese Culture 6
1424021Chinese language 1
1424022Chinese language 2
1424023Chinese language 3
1424024Chinese language 4
1424025Chinese language 5
1424026Chinese language 6
1424027Chinese language 7
1424028Chinese language 8
1424031Contemporary Chinese language G-1
1424032Contemporary Chinese language G-2
1424033Contemporary Chinese language G-3
1424034Contemporary Chinese language G-4
1424035Contemporary Chinese language G-5
1424036Contemporary Chinese language G-6
1424037Contemporary Chinese language G-7
1424038Contemporary Chinese language G-8
1424043Chinese Literature 1
1424044Chinese Literature 2
1424045Chinese Literature 3
1424046Chinese Literature 4
1424047Chinese Literature 5
1424048Chinese Literature 6
1424052An overview of Chinese history
1424054Chengyu idiom
1424057Classic Chinese text
1424067Interpreting the Past in a Chinese film
1424075Chinese world seen through the pictographs, patterns, images and colors
1424076Translation of Chinese texts 1
1424077Translation of Chinese texts 2
1424078Translation of Chinese texts 3
1425011Introduction to Albanology 1
1425012Introduction to Albanology 2
1425021Albanian Language 1
1425022Albanian Language 2
1425023Albanian Language 3
1425024Albanian Language 4
1425025Albanian Language 5
1425026Albanian Language 6
1425027Albanian Language 7
1425028Albanian Language 8
1425031Modern Albanian Language G-1
1425032Modern Albanian Language G-2
1425033Modern Albanian Language G-3
1425034Modern Albanian Language G-4
1425035Modern Albanian Language G-5
1425036Modern Albanian Language G-6
1425037Modern Albanian Language G-7
1425038Modern Albanian Language G-8
1425043Albanian Literature 1
1425044Albanian Literature 2
1425045Albanian Literature 3
1425046Albanian Literature 4
1425047Albanian Literature 5
1425048Albanian Literature 6
1425055Dialectology of Albanian Language 1
1425056Dialectology of Albanian Language 2
1425331Modern Albanian Language P-1
1425332Modern Albanian Language P-2
1425333Modern Albanian Language P-3
1425334Modern Albanian Language P-4
1426011Introduction to General Linguistics 1
1426012Introduction to General Linguistics 2
1426013Field Linguistics 1
1426014Field Linguistics 2
1426021General Linguistics 1 (Phonetics)
1426022General Linguistics 1 (Phonology)
1426023General Linguistics 3 (Morphology)
1426024General Linguistics 4 (Syntax)
1426025General Linguistics 5 (Advanced Syntax)
1426026General Linguistics 6 (Semantics)
1426027General Linguistics 7 (Advanced Semantics)
1426028General Linguistics 8 (Pragmatics)
1426031History of Linguistics
1426032Language Typology
1426033Linguistics of Public Communication
1426034Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
1426035Corpus Linguistics
1426036Applied Linguistics
1426037First Language Acquisition
1426038Second Language Acquisition
1426041Basics of linguistic analysis
1426042Phonetic Transcription and Annotation
1426043Anthropological Linguistics
1426044Diachronic Linguistics
1426048Markup Languages
1426055Areal Linguistics
1426056Balkan Sprachbund
1426057Special Topics in Sociolinguistics
1426067Forensic Linguistics
1426221Sign Language 1
1426222Sign Language 2
1426223Sign Language 3
1426224Sign Language 4
1427011Librarianship 1
1427012Librarianship 2
1427013Comparative Librarianship
1427014Introduction to Archival Science
1427015Introduction to Museology
1427016Introduction to Bibliography
1427021Books and Libraries at the Serbs 1
1427022Books and Libraries at the Serbs 2
1427023Research and Citation Methodology
1427025Structure of Information 1
1427026Structure of Information 2
1427031Informatics for Librarians 1
1427032Informatics for Librarians 2
1427033Knowledge Organization 1
1427034Knowledge Organization 2
1427035Archival Science 1
1427036Archival Science 2
1427037Museology 1
1427038Museology 2
1427041Informatics Practicum 1
1427042Informatics Practicum 2
1427043Digital Text 1
1427044Digital Text 2
1427045Informatics Practicum 3
1427046Informatics Practicum 4
1427047Library Public Relations
1427048Multimedia Documents
1427051History of Books and Libraries 1
1427052History of Books and Libraries 2
1427055Statistics in Libraries
1427056Management Processes in Libraries
1427057Theory and History of Bibliography 1
1427058Theory and History of Bibliography 2
1427063Librarianship Practicum 1
1427064Librarianship Practicum 2
1427065Librarianship Practicum 3
1427066Librarianship Practicum 4
1427068Information Retrieval
1427111Information Literacy 1
1427112Information Literacy 2
1427115Language Technologies 1
1427116Language Technologies 2
1427121Media Literacy 1
1427122Media Literacy 2
1427142Conservation and Restoration
1428011Introduction to Neo Hellenistic Studies 1
1428012Introduction to Neo Hellenistic Studies 2
1428021Greek Language 1
1428022Greek Language 2
1428023Greek Language 3
1428024Greek Language 4
1428025Greek Language 5
1428026Greek Language 6
1428027Greek Language 7
1428028Greek Language 8
1428031Modern Greek Language G-1
1428032Modern Greek Language G-2
1428033Modern Greek Language G-3
1428034Modern Greek Language G-4
1428035Modern Greek Language G-5
1428036Modern Greek Language G-6
1428037Modern Greek Language G-7
1428038Modern Greek Language G-8
1428041Greek Literature 1
1428042Greek Literature 2
1428043Greek Literature 3
1428044Greek Literature 4
1428045Greek Literature 5
1428046Greek Literature 6
1428047Greek Literature 7
1428048Greek Literature 8
1428051Grammatical categories and structures 1
1428052Grammatical categories and structures 2
1428053Cultural history of Greece 1
1428054Cultural history of Greece 2
1428055History of Greek Language 1
1428056History of Greek Language 2
1428057History of Greek Language 3
1428058History of Greek Language 4
1428061Introduction to Classical Greek Language 1
1428062Introduction to Classical Greek Language 2
1428063Classical Greek Langauage 1
1428064Classical Greek Language 2
1428065Classical Greek language 3
1428066Classical Greek Language 4
1428067Applied Linguistics and teaching Modern Greek Language 1
1428068Applied Linguistics and teaching Modern Greek Language 2
1428071Balkan Studies 1
1428072Balkan Studies 2
1428073Cultural History of the Balkans 1
1428074Cultural History of the Balkans 2
1428075Political History of the Balkans 1
1428076Political History of the Balkans 2
1428077Introduction to Cypriot studies 1
1428078Introduction to Cypriot studies 2
1428081Introduction to Latin Language 1
1428082Introduction to Latin Language 2
1428101Introduction to Literacy: Epistemological Systems
1428102Introduction to Literacy: Technologies and Systems of Power
1428111Practical Exercises in Modern Greek Language 1
1428112Practical Exercises in Modern Greek Language 2
1428113Practical Exercises in Modern Greek Language 3
1428114Practical Exercises in Modern Greek Language 4
1428121Introduction in translation 1
1428122Introduction in translation 2
1428331Modern Greek Language P-1
1428332Modern Greek Language P-2
1428333Modern Greek Language P-3
1428334Modern Greek Language P-4
1429011Introduction in Hungarian Studies 1
1429012Introduction in Hungarian Studies 2
1429021Hungarian Language 1
1429022Hungarian Language 2
1429023Hungarian Language 3
1429024Hungarian Language 4
1429025Hungarian Language 5
1429026Hungarian Language 6
1429027Hungarian Language 7
1429028Hungarian Language 8
1429031Modern Hungarian Language as Major 1
1429032Modern Hungarian Language as Major 2
1429033Modern Hungarian Language as Major 3
1429034Modern Hungarian Language as Major 4
1429035Modern Hungarian Language as Major 5
1429036Modern Hungarian Language as Major 6
1429037Modern Hungarian Language as Major 7
1429038Modern Hungarian Language as Major 8
1429041Hungarian Literature 1
1429042Hungarian Literature 2
1429043Hungarian Literature 3
1429044Hungarian Literature 4
1429045Hungarian Literature 5
1429046Hungarian Literature 6
1429047Hungarian Literature 7
1429048Hungarian Literature 8
1429057Theory and Practice od Translation 1 – Hungarian
1429058Theory and Practice of Translation 2 – Hungarian
1429331Modern Hungarian Language as Second 1
1429332Modern Hungarian Language as Second 2
1429333Modern Hungarian Language as Second 3
1429334Modern Hungarian Language as Second 4
1429443Serbo-Hungarian Literary Contacts of the 19th Century 1
1429444Serbo-Hungarian Literary Contacts of the 19th Century 2
1429445Serbo-Hungarian Literary Contacts of the 20th Century 1
1429446Serbo-Hungarian Literary Contacts of the 20th Century 2
1430011Introduction to Slovenian Culture 1
1430012Introduction to Slovenian Culture 2
1430021Slovene Language 1
1430022Slovene Language 2
1430023Slovene Language 3
1430024Slovene Language 4
1430025Slovene Language 5
1430026Slovene Language 6
1430031Contemporary Slovene Language 1
1430032Contemporary Slovene Language 2
1430033Contemporary Slovene Language 3
1430034Contemporary Slovene Language 4
1430035Contemporary Slovene Language 5
1430036Contemporary Slovene Language 6
1430037Contemporary Slovene Language 7
1430038Contemporary Slovene Language 8
1430131Slovenian Language Practicum 1
1430132Slovenian Language Practicum 2
1430133Slovenian Language Practicum 3
1430134Slovenian Language Practicum 4
1430135Translation for Slovenists 1
1430136Translation for Slovenists 2
1430137Translation for Slovenists 3
1430138Translation for Slovenists 4
1431015Introduction to Catalan Culture 1
1431016Introduction to Catalan Culture 2
1431331Contemporary Catalan Language P-1
1431332Contemporary Catalan Language P-2
1431333Contemporary Catalan Language P-3
1431334Contemporary Catalan Language P-4
1431335Contemporary Catalan Language P-5
1431336Contemporary Catalan Language P-6
1432015Introduction to Portuguese Language Cultures 1
1432016Introduction to Portuguese Language Cultures 2
1432331Contemporary Portuguese Language P-1
1432332Contemporary Portuguese Language P-2
1432333Contemporary Portuguese Language P-3
1432334Contemporary Portuguese Language P-4
1432335Contemporary Portuguese Language P-5
1432336Contemporary Portuguese Language P-6
1433331Contemporary Persian language P-1
1433332Contemporary Persian language P-2
1433333Contemporary Persian language P-3
1433334Contemporary Persian language P-4
1437011Introduction to Dutch Culture
1437012Introduction to Flemish culture
1437013Cultural history of the Netherlands and Flanders 1
1437014Cultural history of the Netherlands and Flanders 2
1437015Cultural history of the Netherlands and Flanders 3
1437016Cultural history of the Netherlands and Flanders 4
1437017Netherlands and the world 1
1437018Netherlands and the world 2
1437021Dutch language 1
1437022Dutch language 2
1437023Dutch language 3
1437024Dutch language 4
1437025Dutch language 5
1437026Dutch language 6
1437027Dutch language 7
1437028Dutch 8
1437031Contemporary Dutch G-1
1437032Contemporary Dutch G-2
1437033Contemporary Dutch G-3
1437034Contemporary Dutch G-4
1437035Contemporary Dutch G-5
1437036Contemporary Dutch G-6
1437037Contemporary Dutch G-7
1437038Contemporary Dutch G-8
1437041Introduction to Dutch and Flemish Literature 1
1437042Introduction to Dutch and Flemish Literature 2
1437043Dutch and Flemish literature 1
1437044Dutch and Flemish literature 2
1437045Dutch and Flemish literature 3
1437046Dutch and Flemish literature 4
1437047Dutch and Flemish literature 5
1437048Dutch and Flemish literature 6
1437055Translation for non-Dutch 1
1437056Translation for non-Dutchs 2
1437057Translation for non-Dutch 3
1437058Translation for non-Dutch 4
1437331Contemporary Dutch language P-1
1437332Contemporary Dutch language P-2
1437333Contemporary Dutch language P-3
1437334Contemporary Dutch language P-4
1438017Political and Cultural History of Ukraine 1
1438018Political and Cultural History of Ukraine 2
1438021Ukrainian language 1
1438022Ukrainian language 2
1438023Ukrainian language 3
1438024Ukrainian language 4
1438025Ukrainian language 5
1438026Ukrainian language 6
1438027Ukrainian language 7
1438028Ukrainian language 8
1438031Contemporary Ukrainian G-1
1438032Contemporary Ukrainian G-2
1438033Contemporary Ukrainian G-3
1438034Contemporary Ukrainian G-4
1438035Contemporary Ukrainian G-5
1438036Contemporary Ukrainian G-6
1438037Contemporary Ukrainian G-7
1438038Contemporary Ukrainian G-8
1438041Ukrainian Literature 1
1438042Ukrainian Literature 2
1438043Ukrainian Literature 3
1438044Ukrainian Literature 4
1438045Ukrainian Literature 5
1438046Ukrainian Literature 6
1438047Ukrainian Literature 7
1438048Ukrainian Literature 8
1438053History of the Ukrainian language 1
1438054History of the Ukrainian language 2
1438065Theory of Translation for Slavists 1
1438066Theory of Translation for Slavists 2
1438331Contemporary Ukrainian language P-1
1438332Contemporary Ukrainian language P-2
1438333Contemporary Ukrainian language P-3
1438334Contemporary Ukrainian language P-4
1438445Ukrainian Literature 1 (Second Slovenian Literature)
1438446Ukrainian Literature 2 (Second Slovenian Literature)
1438447Ukrainian Literature 3 (Second Slovenian Literature)
1438448Ukrainian Literature 4 (Second Slovenian Literature)
1438527Ukrainian language SPEC 1
1438528Ukrainian SPEC 2
1438547Ukrainian Literature SPEC 1
1438548Ukrainian Literature SPEC 2
1439331Contemporary Belorussian Language P-1
1439332Contemporary Belorussian Language P-2
1439333Contemporary Belorussian Language P-3
1439334Contemporary Belorussian Language P-4
1439445Belorussian Literature 1 (Second Slavic Literature)
1439446Belorussian Literature 2 (Second Slavic Literature)
1439447Belorussian Literature 3 (Second Slavic Literature)
1439448Belorussian Literature 4 (Second Slavic Literature)