Accreditation OAS – SKJK

1425331Contemporary Albanian Language P-11
1439331Contemporary Belarusian P-11
1404331Contemporary Bulgarian Language P-11
1428331Contemporary Greek P-11
1419331Contemporary English P-1 (A2)1
1419341Contemporary English P-1 (B2)1
1413331Contemporary Italian Language P-11
1423331Contemporary Japanese Language P-11
1431331Contemporary Catalan P-11
1422331Contemporary Korean P-11
1429331Contemporary Hungarian P-11
1417331Contemporary German P-11
1433331Contemporary Persian Language P-11
1410331Contemporary Polish Language P-11
1432331Contemporary Portuguese P-11
1409331Contemporary Russian Language P-11
1418331Contemporary Scandinavian Languages ​​P-11
1412331Contemporary Slovak Language P-11
1421331Contemporary Turkish Language P-11
1414331Contemporary French P-11
1411331Contemporary Czech Language P-11
1415331Contemporary Spanish Language P-11
1401611Old Slavic Literature1
1401601Historical Grammar of Serbian Language 11
1400091introduction to Philosophy 11
1400061introduction to Aesthetics 11
1408241Homer’s Epics1
1425332Contemporary Albanian Language P-22
1439332Contemporary Belarusian P-22
1404332Contemporary Bulgarian Language P-22
1428332Contemporary Greek P-22
1419332Contemporary English P-2 (A2)2
1419342Contemporary English P-2 (B2)2
1413332Contemporary Italian Language P-22
1423332Contemporary Japanese Language P-22
1431332Contemporary Catalan P-22
1422332Contemporary Korean P-22
1429332Contemporary Hungarian P-22
1417332Contemporary German P-22
1433332Contemporary Persian Language P-22
1410332Contemporary Polish Language P-22
1432332Contemporary Portuguese P-22
1409332Contemporary Russian Language P-22
1418332Contemporary Scandinavian Languages ​​P-22
1412332Contemporary Slovak Language P-22
1421332Contemporary Turkish Language P-22
1414332Contemporary French P-22
1411332Contemporary Czech Language P-22
1415332Contemporary Spanish Language P-22
1406002Literary Folklore2
1406012Poetics of Folk Literature2
1405021introduction to Serbian Literature2
1408562Literature Theory2
1408602General Literature I2
1401602Historical Grammar of Serbian Language 22
1400092introduction to Philosophy 22
1400062introduction to Aesthetics 22
1406612Old indies Prose and Comparative Folkloristics2
1405522internet and Literature in Teaching2
1408232Biblical Literature: Biblical Prehistory and Moses’ Pentecostal2
1401504Dialectology of The Serbian Language2
1401512Culture of Language Expression2
1425333Contemporary Albanian Language P-33
1439333Contemporary Belarusian P-33
1404333Contemporary Bulgarian Language P-33
1428333Contemporary Greek P-33
1419333Contemporary English P-3 (A2)3
1419343Contemporary English P-3 (B2)3
1413333Contemporary Italian Language P-33
1423333Contemporary Japanese Language P-33
1431333Contemporary Catalan P-33
1422333Contemporary Korean P-33
1429333Contemporary Hungarian P-33
1417333Contemporary German P-33
1433333Contemporary Persian Language P-33
1410333Contemporary Polish Language P-33
1432333Contemporary Portuguese P-33
1409333Contemporary Russian Language P-33
1418333Contemporary Scandinavian Languages ​​P-33
1412333Contemporary Slovak Language P-33
1421333Contemporary Turkish Language P-33
1414333Contemporary French P-33
1411333Contemporary Czech Language P-33
1415333Contemporary Spanish Language P-33
1406003Poetics of Medieval Literature3
1401503The History of The Literary Language of The Serbs3
1406603Field Research of Folklore3
1405503History of Reading3
1408213Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama in Europe 1: Historical Drama and Comedy3
1408203Literature of The European Baroque3
1400041introduction to Psychology3
1425334Contemporary Albanian Language P-44
1439334Contemporary Belarusian P-44
1404334Contemporary Bulgarian Language P-44
1428334Contemporary Greek P-44
1419334Contemporary English P-4 (A2)4
1419344Contemporary English P-4 (B2)4
1413334Contemporary Italian Language P-44
1423334Contemporary Japanese Language P-44
1431334Contemporary Catalan P-44
1422334Contemporary Korean P-44
1429334Contemporary Hungarian P-44
1417334Contemporary German P-44
1433334Contemporary Persian Language P-44
1410334Contemporary Polish Language P-44
1432334Contemporary Portuguese P-44
1409334Contemporary Russian Language P-44
1418334Contemporary Scandinavian Languages ​​P-44
1412334Contemporary Slovak Language P-44
1421334Contemporary Turkish Language P-44
1414334Contemporary French P-44
1411334Contemporary Czech Language P-44
1415334Contemporary Spanish Language P-44
1406004History of Medieval Literature4
1406014History of Renaissance and Baroque Literature4
1406024Poetics of Renaissance and Baroque Literature4
1408604General Literature II4
1401514Contemporary Serbian Language 14
1405034Cultural History of Serbs4
1405502The Cultural and Historical Context of Old Literature4
1406612Old indies Prose and Comparative Folkloristics4
1427014introduction to Archival Science4
1405522internet and Literature in Teaching4
1408664Roman 18th Century and Romanticism4
1408214Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama in Europe 2: Tragedy and Tragicomedy4
1400042Psychology of Reading4
1405524Versification in Serbian Poetry4
1406015introduction to Methodology 065
1400031Developmental Psychology5
1406603Field Research of Folklore5
1408245Igo and Romanticism in Teaching5
1405503History of Reading5
1400071introduction to Communication 15
1400081introduction to Culture 15
1405525Elective Course in Methodology of Literature and Serbian Language5
1406006The Poetics of Serbian Literature of Baroque, Enlightenment, Classicism, Pre-Romanticism and Romanticism6
1401516Contemporary Serbian Language 26
1406036Methodology of Teaching Literature and Serbian Language6
1408606General Literature III6
1400032Pedagogical Psychology6
1406026Njegos’s Poetics6
1406016South Slavic Comparativity6
1405546Literature and Media in Teaching6
1406612Old indies Prose and Comparative Folkloristics6
1408296Hermeneutical Approach in Teaching: interpretation of Helderlin’s Christological Hymns6
1400072introduction to Communication 26
1400082introduction to Culture 26
1406606Folklore Elements in The Teaching of Serbian Literature6
1406007Methodological Practice 067
1406017The Genesis of Prose Forms in The New Serbian Literature7
1406603Field Research of Folklore7
1405547interpretation of Literary Work 1: Contemporary Poetry7
1427016introduction to Bibliography7
1408237Theater Absurd7
1408297Prust 17
1405503History of Reading7
1427023Methodology of Research and Citation7
1406607South Slavic Comparativism – Contemporary and Contemporary Literary Tendencies7
1406008Poetics of Serbian Realism8
1406018Serbian Literature From Contemporary to Postmodernism8
1406028Poetics of Contemporary Serbian Literature8
1405038Literature For Children8
1406008Final Seminar in Serbian Literature Or Methodology of Teaching Literature and Serbian Language8
1405546Literature and Media in Teaching8
1405508Creative Writing8
1405548interpretation of Literary Work 2: Contemporary Prose8
1406612Old indies Prose and Comparative Folkloristics8
1406606Folklore Elements in The Teaching of Serbian Literature8
1408298Prust 28
1427014introduction to Archival Science8
1405558Literature and Ethnology8