Accreditation – MAS KUD

Master academic studies – Cultures in Dialogue

Куд1Technique of Academic Writing and Publishing
Куд2Belarusian Literature and Culture in Contact with the Serbian
Куд3Libraries and Multiculturality
Куд4The State and Conflicts of Cultures
Куд5The Second Wave of Feminism in Western Culture
Куд6Elements of Western Civilization
Куд7English-Serbian Diplomatic and Cultural Ties
Куд8The Aesthetics of Visual Arts as an Element of Intercultural Dialogue
Куд9Intercultural Communication
Куд10Information and Media Literacy
Куд11History and Theory of Dialogue
Куд12Language in the Region
Куд13Literature and Film: Transformations of Discourses
Куд14Comparative Studies of Modern Librarianship
Куд15Culture and Management
Куд16Cultural Heritage and Cultural Institutions
Куд17Cultural History of India
Куд18Cultural Differences in Academic Discourse
Куд19Oral Poet and Tradition
Куд20Negotiation and Decision Making in Different Cultures
Куд21The Reception of British Writers in Serbia in the 20th Century
Куд22The Reception of French Literature in the Serbian Cultural Environment
Куд23Russian Avant-Garde Movements: Word and Picture
Куд24The World and Japanese Literature
Куд25Serbian Culture Abroad
Куд26Serbian Language and Language Culture
Куд27Serbian as a Foreign Language in Theory and Practice
Куд28Serbian-Slovenian Intercultural Studies
Куд29Serbian Diaspora Literature and Culture Studies
Куд30Theory and Methodology of Literature Studies in Intertextuality
Куд31Hispanic America and Intercultural Dialogue
Куд32Encounters of Civilizations
Куд33Civilizational Analysis
Куд34Musical Phenomenology in Literature
Куд35Digital Humanities
Куд36Cultural History of Persia