Accreditation – MAS MCIT

Master academic studies – Master in Conference Interpreting and Translation (MCIT)

Ксап1Serbian Language 1
Ксап2Studies in Written and Oral Translation
Ксап3Written and Oral Translation Techniques 1
Ксап4Translation of Economic and Legal Texts 1
Ксап5Introduction into Consecutive Translation 1
Ксап6Serbian Language 2
Ксап7Written and Oral Translation Techniques 2
Ксап8Translation of Economic and Legal Texts 2
Ксап9Introduction into Consecutive Translation 2
Ксап10Introduction into the European Legal System and Institutions
Ксап11Translation Technologies and Research
Ксап12Introduction into Profession and Professional Ethics
Ксап13Translation Technologies
Ксап14Specialized Practice
Ксап15Final Paper
Ксап16German Language 1
Ксап17French Language 1
Ксап18English Language 1
Ксап19Introduction into Thematic Field – Economics
Ксап20Introduction into the Thematic Field – Law
Ксап21German Language 2
Ксап22French Language 2
Ксап23English Language 2
Ксап24Conference Translation 1
Ксап25Specialized Translation 1
Ксап26Audiovisual Translation 1
Ксап27Introduction into Literary Translation
Ксап28Translation as a Sociocultural Mediation
Ксап30Sociolinguistic Aspects of Translating
Ксап31Conference Translation 2
Ксап32Specialized Translation 2
Ксап33Audiovisual Translation 2