Digital Library

As a first step toward the EU-wide coordination of digitalization programs and policies, the European Commission organized an expert meeting with representatives of all Member States in Lund (Sweden) in April 2001. The conclusions and recommendations from that meeting are known as the Lund principles. One of those principles states that: “digitalization provides a key mechanism to exploit Europe’s unique heritage and to support cultural diversity, education and the generation of content industries.” The aim of the Digital Library of the Faculty of Philology is in line with this described statement.
The Faculty of Philology at the University of Belgrade started the digitalization process not only with its own editions, which represent an invaluable contribution to the scientific thought in the field of study of 34 languages and their corresponding literatures and cultures, but als o in the field of library and information science, as well as archival science and museology. Thanks to the MFC Mikrokomerc, 107,000 pages have already been digitized. Our digital library offers full texts from prominent academic journals (Anali, Prilozi, Književnost i jezik, Italika, Slavistika, GodišnjakKatedrezasrpskuknjiževnost, Filološkipregled), doctoral theses defended at the Faculty of Philology, proceedings from international scientific conferences organized at the Faculty, and many monographs and anthologies.
All the digital content can be searched by various criteria: author, title, topic, field of study, year of publication and also by every word, both in the Serbian Cyrillic and the Serbian Latin alphabet. Currently, the Library is being used mostly by researchers, teachers and a large number of students of the Faculty of Philology. Logging-in is possible at any time of the day. However, the activation of the account can only be processed during the working hours of the administrative staff of the Faculty. Welcome!