The tradition of Seminar for Social Sciences is longer than half a century. It was established in 1962 and since the beginning it provides creative contribution to the studies of literature and language connecting them to philosophical, sociological and psychological researches out of which, for the first time at the University of Belgrade, general theory of culture will be systematically developed. The Seminar offers a specter of necessary generally-educational, theoretically-methodological courses which provide students with general panorama of contemporary humanistic ideas and their culturally-historical root constituting the essential foundation of the modern academic education, as well as ethical and civic education. Within the Seminar, the first library of Indian culture has been recently opened, with more than three hundred titles, enabling study of the diverse aspects of the relation of Serbian, European and Indian culture. At all the levels of study, the Seminar professors teach Philosophy, Esthetics, Ethics, Ecology, Theory of Culture and Civilization, Culturology, Communicology, different fields of Psychology, and since recently Cultural History of India, while a plethora of more complex courses at doctoral studies brings the synthesis of classical knowledge and the latest scientific insights into the fields they are engaged in. The Seminar professors are engaged not only in pedagogical, but also research and public field which provides the Seminar with capacity, legitimacy and moral credibility to acquaint the students with contemporary idea flows that shape the face of the future.